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Aust Last WWII Ace - depiction of no. 5 victory

528 - The Enchantress

528 - The Enchantress

Kwitcherbitchin in the Clouds

Kwitcherbitchin parked North Field Iwo Jima 1945







506th Patch

The three Squadrons (457th: 458th: 462nd:) of the Group had similar markings in different colours and also had a different series of identification numbers (457th: 500-549, 458th: 550-599, and 462nd: 600-649). The squadron markings consisted of painting the fin, rear fuselage and tail all over in a colour. As shown here, the 457th was green; the 458th had dark blue diagonal stripes over the natural metal background, and the 462th was yellow. Otherwise the finish was standard in natural metal, including propeller spinner, with Olive Drab anti-glare panel.

The 506th Fighter Group Constituted as 506th Fighter Group on 5 Oct 1944 and activated on 21 Oct. Equipped with P-51 aircraft. Moved to Asiatic-Pacific Theater, Feb - Apr 1945, the air echelon flying patrols from Tinian (Map)(Satellite View) before joining the rest of the group on Iwo Jima (Map)(Satellite View) . The group, assigned to the Twentieth AF, flew its first mission from Iwo on 18 May when it bombed and strafed an airfield in the Bonin Islands . Afterward attacked airfields, antiaircraft emplacements, shipping, barracks, radio & radar stations, railway cars, and other targets in the Bonin Islands or Japan. Also provided air defense for Iwo and escorted B-29 during bombardment missions from the Marianas (MAP) to Japan. Received a DUC for defending B-29's against attacks from fighter aircraft during the period 7-10 June 1945. Returned to the US in Dec 1945. Inactivated on 16 Dec 1945.


Missions to Japan




  • 28 May - Fighter Strike against airfields in Tokyo area
  • 1 June Black Friday - VLR Fighter Escort of XXI BomCom maximum effort against Osaka
  • 7 June - VLR Fighter Escort of XXI BomCom maximum effort against Osaka
  • 8 June - VLR Fighter Strike against airfields in the Nagoya area
  • 9 June - VLR Fighter Strike against airfields in Nagoya area
  • 10 June - Fighter Escort of B-29s against Tokyo area
  • 11 June = VLR Fighter Strike against airfield
  • 14 June - Bonin's mission
  • 15 June - Escort of B-29s over Osaka area.
  • 19 June - VLR Fighter Strike against Kagaraigahara and Meiji airfields
  • 23 June - VLR Fighter Strike against airfields in Tokyo area
  • 26 June - VLR Escort of B-29s over Nagoya and Kobe
  • 27 June - Fighter Strike against Japanese airfields in the areas NE and E of Tokyo
  • 3 July - Death at Chichi Jima - tale of the rescue attempt of a downed pilot
  • 14 July - TSUKUBA primary target with the 462nd Fighter Squadron providing close escort for two photographic B-24's over the Yokosuka Naval Base
  • 16 July - this is the mission in which Captain Benbow was lost over Nagoya, Japan.
  • 28 July - stories from Jack K. Westbrook, Edwin Warfield III.
  • 3 August - Ed Mikes rescued after being strafed by Jap Zeroes.


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